Best SEO Tools

“Content is King, but Marketing Is Queen and Runs the Household.”

SEO- Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about excellent and genuine content-it’s the wheel of a comprehensive marketing carrier.

If the content you’re advertising is quality, then it will confluence smoothly with the unit’s marketing endeavors, and all the parts will interface and promote each other.

If not, it’s time to rethink the industry’s retailing approach to thoroughly involve SEO and content marketing as part of the comprehensive marketing ensemble for the commodity.

Almost 8-10 billion researches take place on just Google, in a single day, and a normal user explores 2to 4 times a day.

Aren’t these some sickly demography to ingest?

Now just assume if you can receive even a tiny cut of these everyday hunts?

If you can, then you can certainly bargain a chip to make earnings for your enterprise without even paying a single buck on promotion.

In this column, we are going to proffer a listing of the Best SEO tools, best SEO Audit tools, Best SEO Tools WORDPRESS, or Best SEO Ranking tools that can aid you to exhilarate your SEO play.

List of the Best SEO Tools for 2021

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a principal contender interpretation tool that assists users to assess their opponents as well as their composition. It presents strong metrics and enables users to earn top-performing folios, content, and keywords.

Semrush - List of Best SEO Tools

SEMrush has been famously serving many website partners and e-commerce contractors to learn the SEO artifices of their contestants. This creates it one of the most widespread SEO tools among small and medium-sized businesses. It is the best SEO tool, SEO Audit Tools, Best Seo Tools WordPress.

The SEO tool extends the most solid guidance for SEO, PPC, ad campaigns, backlinks, keyword research, SERP, and many more.


  • Fundamental Research – This characteristic enables the users to recognize the top keywords practiced by their rivals, and compliment the variety of domains.
  • Promoting Research – It supports you to operate more reliable advertisement operations by interpreting the ad funds of the opponents. You can also regionalize your ad campaigns.
  • Product Listing Advertisements – SEMrush empowers the users to observe adversaries’ Product Listing Advertisements and product feeds.
  • Traffic Analytics – SEMrush certainly tells about the online enforcement and traffic of a website. It further benefits you to know the form and tools consumption of possible consumers.

2. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a vast SEO tool for organizations contemplating to trace a huge strength of keywords. Its capacity to trace keywords on a hyper-specific level and white-label broadcasting makes it excellent for firms and in-house crews. It is the most reliable SEO tool, SEO Audit Tools, Best Seo Tools WordPress.

Advanced Web Ranking

This engine can also pursue 3,000 search tools and more than 170 nations, with assistance for not just Google, but also Baidu, Yandex, Amazon, YouTube, etc. Advanced Web Ranking also delivers a broad competitor analysis that involves metrics like market percentage, measured visits, and new contender development.


  • It’s a long-standing tool and has endured since 2002.
  • Furnishes with hyper-specific local SEO outcomes on both desktop and mobile.
  • 3.000 research engines and more than 170 nations
  • It can hold great volumes of keywords which is excellent for businesses.
  • The tool holds countless users with several claims like admin, team member, etc, at zero additional charges.

3. Authority Labs

Authority Labs is another profoundly valuable SEO tool that originates with an effortlessly, customer-friendly alliance. With Authority Labs, you can quickly set up several websites and enhance your SEO operations. It further assists you to obtain location-specific level tracking to laser aim your viewers.

Authority Labs - Top SEO Tools

Customers can likewise trace the SEO operations and tactics used by their opponents in the industry. It is the safest SEO tool, SEO Audit Tools, Best Seo Tools WordPress.


  • Global Tracing – You can effortlessly do both regional and global tracking for several nations and cities.
  • Keyword Targeting – Powerful keyword targeting with keyword analysis tools.
  • Free Trial – Authority Labs extends 30 days free trial period.
  • Daily Reporting 

4. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a keyword search engine that aids you to examine less contentious keywords. These keywords can serve you to earn high-converting online traffic.

Long Tail Pro

It allows great keyword recommendations in volume, simultaneously with the keyword competitiveness rank. This SEO tool is ideal for newcomers and startups. It is the stablest SEO engine, SEO Audit Tools, Best Seo Tools WordPress.


  • Generate Multiple Projects – retain all your operations for several sites absolutely settled
  • Import and Export – Quick shipping of the most suitable keywords into Excel and import into the Long-Tail Pro dashboard

5. SEObility

SEObility is a potent all-in-one SEO tool that assists you to control your website, which works in handy with SEO enhancement. With its regular updates and link-building media, SEObility aids administrators to advance their search engine scores with efficiency. It is one of the solid SEO tools, SEO Audit Tools, Best Seo Tools WordPress.

Seobility - Best SEO Tools 2021

On the peak, it hauls all the associated pages of a website efficiently and detects problems, such as duplicate content and faulty sections.


  • Score Tracking – Supports you to track everyday keyword rankings based on diverse demographics and research tools.
  • Keyword Monitoring and On-page Analysis – Performs on-page hauling and keyword monitoring providing precise enhancement recommendations to the customers.
  • Local Search Returns – Users can also access and control the local search returns that will improve them to score higher for a particularized targeted association.
  • Contenders Comparison – Instantly examines and compares the content of your opponents’ websites so that you can improve your method.
  • PDF Export and E-Mail Reporting – Create routine statements to determine a variation in the score of the websites.

6. SEOptimer

SEOptimer is a quick-to-use and straightforward SEO audit tool that benefits you to enhance your site ranking. It perfectly executes on-page optimization and off-page link structure. It is recognized as one of the best SEO tools, SEO Audit Tools, Best Seo Tools WordPress.



  • White Label SEO Audit – Supplies websites with their own records by working an investigation of varied constituents.
  • Embeddable Audit – Helps you create more leads and traffic for the websites.
  • SEO Crawler – Aids in identifying technical SEO difficulties by browsing every page of the website.
  • SEO Audit API – Applied for trend interpretation, tracking predicaments, and bulk recording.

7. SEOquake

SEOquake is one of the most influential SEO engines and browser plugin that grant various SEO metrics. It is particularly beneficial when it comes to content marketing as it instantly provides complete data on any website. It is the most reliable SEO tool, SEO Audit Tools, Best Seo Tools WordPress.


It provides essential metrics, such as Number of external links, Alexa rank, Google rank, Domain age, etc.


  • SEO Bar – You just have to scan the web pages with SEO Bar and it will equip you with instant data.
  • SERP Overlay – It accommodates you to survey comprehensive report of the SERP, and returns can be consigned in CSV arrangement.
  • Keyword Analysis – Here it presents comprehensive and structured results on keywords with accurate keyword interpretation.
  • Print and Export – Information can be stored in CSV file format from any catalog

8. LinkMiner

LinkMiner by Mangools is an extremely active backlink checker engine that aids you to recognize faulty links. Additionally, it equips you with data like DA, Facebook likes backlinks from Ahrefs, Moz, and many more.



  • Powerful Backlinks – LinkMiner assists you to classify Do-follow or No-follow backlinks by implementing quick and superior filters.
  • Link Strength – Assesses the strength of the backlinks based on Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and Alexa Rank.
  • Advanced Backlink Analysis – Renders link-building possibilities by discovering new backlinks.

9. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is an all-in-one answer that facilitates and automatizes the influencer outreach and content marketing method. It benefits you to get in touch with influencers and bloggers, which eventually renders you abundant link-building possibilities. It is perceived as one of the greatest SEO tools, SEO Audit Tools, Best Seo Tools WordPress.



  • Campaigns – Pitchbox aids you to manage campaigns to get in contact with publishers, bloggers, and influencers.
  • Product Review – The product review trait instantly detects websites that do product surveys.
  • Email Templates – Volunteers preset email format to employ considered leads.
  • Opportunity Detail Screen – Presents each prospect’s data and also combines tags to the opportunities.
  • Workflow – enables customers to explore and refine the outcomes.

10. Google Search Console

If you want to upgrade your website’s Google ranking, then what’s more useful than leveraging Google’s SEO tool itself?

Google search console - Free seo tools

Google Search Console serves you to learn Google’s aspect of your website, map the site’s search traffic, and mend problems associated with your sitemap and indexing. By implementing various data points and recommendations, Google Search Console is the fortitude of your SEO.

In interest to the Google Keyword Planner which operates through Google AdWords, Search Console is a requirement for every website. You can simply establish this tool on WordPress with the Yoast SEO plugin. It is the best SEO tool for WordPress.


  • Communication Pathway – Serves as a communication course that imparts information about faults in your websites.
  • Control Center – Enables users to control the XML sitemaps that help them reevaluate and correct their flaws.
  • Data Source – Lets users derive data into Google Analytics or other analytical media.

11. SpyFu

SpyFu enables users to locate the most valuable keywords utilized by their opponents. It also bestows each ad campaign driven by the opponents and their organic hunts.

Spyfu - Top seo tools


  • PPC Ad Rank Tracking – Benefits you to maintain a proper record of the ads and also recommends development keywords.
  • Monitor PPC Opponents – Maintains a record of developing rivals and their PPC approaches.
  • Keyword Grouping – Manifests keyword groups of opponents’ AdWords so that you can include them in your SEO approach.
  • AdWord Advisor – Recommends extremely beneficial keywords by examining the operations driven by your rivals.
  • Keyword Spy Tool – Search for keywords utilized by your contenders and the figure of taps they acquire from them.

12. Moz

Moz is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest SEO tools in the industry. From site auditing to rank tracing and from backlink reports to keyword research, there’s not enough that Moz cannot do. It equips you with industry-standard metrics and multiple-page optimization approaches.

Moz - Best SEO Tools

You can also download MozPro for modern innovations and the MozBar browser augmentation, which enables SEO analysis, Moz scores, and Google SERP data in your browser.


  • Rank Tracing – Traces organic rank and execution of thousands of traffic-driving keywords.
  • Keyword Analysis – Aids you in finding innovative keywords with opponent research and SERP report.
  • Backlink Analysis – Implements metrics like Domain Authority and helps you to develop supplementary backlinks.
  • Site Audits – Scans all your web pages to distinguish any concerns or blunders.

13. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is one of the simplest to employ SEO tools in the industry. They facilitate users to perceive thousands of keyword results, your competition’s backlinks, Google Ads data, and even Facebook Advertisements.

Growthbar - List of best seo tools

GrowthBar is a Google Chrome expansion that allows you to satisfy all your SEO requirements directly from the Google search engine returns page (SERP). So it’s like a wildfire and 100% automatic. If you can Google hunt, you can handle GrowthBar!

Because of its easy user arrangement and sound data assortments, it’s becoming a popular alternative for business people, small-scale industries, and freelancers. But GrowthBar includes large-scale corporations like Minted, Okta,, and Teepublic among its clients as well.


  • Organic Research — Recognize billions of keyword recommendations accompanying their competitiveness rate.
  • Competitiveness Metrics — Observe your rivals’ top original keywords, highest backlinks, and consign any of the metrics into an Excel-friendly CSV.
  • Difficulty Rate — Learn how easy or tricky it is to score for a specific keyword utilizing GrowthBar’s exclusive “ranking difficulty rate.”
  • Word Count — A characteristic unique to GrowthBar equips you to quickly recognize the number of words your opponents’ organic records have so that you can modify your content to triumph in the SERP.

14. Mangools

If you are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool within small funds, then Mangools has you saved. It originates with a series of five unique SEO tools that can aid you with keyword analysis, SERP analysis, rank tracking, and link tracking.

Mangools - List of seo tools

Unlike most SEO engines, Mangools doesn’t allow additional features that you’ll apparently never make use of.


  • KWFinder – It is a keyword analysis tool that assists website owners to discover the best keywords for their website material.
  • SERPChecker – It enables the users to control the websites which are standing high for selected keywords in several regions of the society. Users can additionally monitor the mobile ranking of the keywords.
  • SERPWatcher – It eases users to maintain precise track of the variation in the rankings of the keywords.
  • LinkMiner – It benefits the users to examine the opponents’ backlinks and create more backlink possibilities.
  • SiteProfiler – Furnishes users a commendatory picture of their opponents’ websites so that they can probe their process thoroughly.

15. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is one of the most reliable SEO Tools that aid you to achieve website audits at a great pace. All you have to do is insert the URL of your site, and it will start examining to spot any faulty connections, missing labels, plagiarized content, etc.

Screaming Frog SEO


  • Audit Redirects – Advocates in recognizing both interim and perpetual redirect connections.
  • Plagiarised Content – Determines plagiarised content, duplicate URLs, etc.
  • XML Sitemaps – Instantly creates XML sitemaps by arranging precise advanced structure over the URLs.
  • Analyze Metadata – Suitably examines your metadata and page headings to make sure they have a relevant range.


Though it is not difficult to do SEO of a website but doing it right, is what makes all the difference. SEO is mechanical and therefore it demands data-driven effort.

Securing the application of a strong and efficient SEO Checker Tool will assist you to audit and optimize your website or arrival page for search engines and browsers, quicker and correctly.

Selecting the correct SEO tool for your website or industry can be a responsibility in itself, particularly when there are multiple high-grade choices to pick from.

In the past few years, SEO tools have developed substantially and become extremely intricate, implanting a large number of services, keyword info, backlinks, domain insights, and many more.

If you’re just beginning in the SEO market, these complex SEO tools can be a little pressurizing for anyone.

And also you may not require all of the data and figures in the beginning.

Or you might be just seeking an affordable and credible option that can just perform the job precisely. In such a situation you can just start with a free SEO engine and kick off.

But if you’re an SEO expert, an SEO specialist, a Digital Marketer, a marketing administrator, managing an SEO firm, or acting for a firm that takes up multiple SEO duties, then working for a whole all-in-one marketing engines like SEMrush, Mangools, Serpstat, or Ahrefs, is taking a high road.

The most reliable means to create is by start practicing the SEO tool that we have stated in this column. And you will ultimately determine your perfect SEO tool.

So we believe you found this eminent panel of the best SEO tools- Free as well as paidbeneficial. And if by any odds we dropped any dynamic SEO tool, then do let us know by commenting here in the comment section.

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